Eating Voices

Le Central, Montréal, CA

Eating Voices is a series of interactive sound experiences that open up a new sensory dimension to your plate. Ready to come to a café, restaurant or hotel near you, bring your headphones and your appetite.

An augmented eating experience

Eating is a sensory journey in itself and a social driver since always. However, the pace of urban life too often takes us away from this opportunity to connect. Eating becomes an innocuous/ trivial moment. Eating Voices is an opportunity to deepen our relationship with our food and the people around us.

The project is a collaboration with Nicolas Fonseca, with whom we developed the Food Sessions sensory banquets, which inspired this self-service version, ready to enliven any culinary destination.

Headphones + Appetites

The experience lasts about 15 minutes and is conducted from a telephone. Self-service listening stations are available in the food court allowing everyone to participate without using their own phone or headset.

A series of episodes were created with a multidisciplinary team including performers, composers, comedians, hypnotherapists, bringing different sensitivities and assets to experience a meal differently.

Episode 1: You are not alone

Your phone is talking to you, questioning your comfort level when eating alone in public. Don’t worry, no one is really looking at you right now.

— Voice by stand-up comedian and actor Martin Perizzolo.

Episode 2: Earthly Pornography

Mother Nature talks about reproduction and diversity to keep life going, revealing the sexual life hidden on your plate.

— Voice by transgender comedian and artist Tranna Wintour.
— Also available in French with the voice of actress and director Anne-Marie Cadieux.

* For an adult audience

Episode 3: Transcendental Mastication

A food medium guides you through your plate’s fifth dimension. Chew, taste, swallow. It sounds so mundane, but it actually is a direct portal to the transcendental essence of all existence.

— Voice by contemporary live artist Dana Michel.


    • This project is part of the “I love to work downtown” initiative, propelled by the Chamber of Commerce of Metropolitan Montreal with support from the Gouvernement du Québec
    • A Project by Daily tous les jours x Nicolas Fonseca
  • Creative Direction
    • Nicolas Fonseca
    • Mouna Andraos
    • Melissa Mongiat
  • Storytelling and writing, episode 1
    • Martin Perizzolo
  • Editorial Team
    • Émilie Baltz
    • François Blouin
    • David Drury
    • Gabriel Lucciani
    • Anne Ouellette
  • Project Manager
    • Aurélien Cruse
  • Technological Direction
    • Pierre Thirion
  • Programming
    • Samuel Cousin
  • Industrial Design
    • SSSVLL
    • Juliette Mondoux
  • Illustration
    • Martine Dupuis
    • Anne Ouellette
  • Graphic Design
    • Sarah Gobeil
    • Anne Ouellette
  • Sound Direction
    • David Drury
  • Recording
    • Maxime Veilleux
  • Communications and multimedia
    • Mehdi Kerrit
    • Yankat (video)
    • Ville de pluie (photo)
  • Technical Support
    • Manuel Acevedo Civantos
    • Flo Peters
    • Alizée Millot
  • Equipment
    • XYZ Technologies
  • Thank you
    • To the Central team.
    • To the Daily team, who tested, listened, ate and commented the Bites behind the scenes: Christophe Billebaud, Cécile Chandran, Magalie Rouleau, Leyla Nahas, Noémie Rivière, Eva Schindling, Armen Tamzarian and Rafine You.

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