Food Sessions

Silent disco for your tongue

Food is more than taste. It is culture, memories, identity. We are creatures of habits, and food is probably where it is more ingrained. A collaboration between Daily and Nicolas Fonseca, Food sessions is a large banquet where guests share a meal while on a guided meditation about food.

Bring your memories. Forget your manners. You will eat with your ears and your heart: here, storytelling and taste are one and the same.

Touring Project Since 2015

New York City Summer Streets Festival
Food Loves Tech, NYC
C2 San Francisco
C2 Montreal
FIPA Biarritz
Festival du nouveau cinéma de Montréal

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  • A Project by Daily tous les jours x Nicolas Fonseca
  • Creative Direction
    • Nicolas Fonseca
    • Mouna Andraos
    • Melissa Mongiat
  • Production
    • Antoine Clayette
    • Irène Chaudouet
  • Technological Direction
    • Eva Schindling
  • Script and Soundtrack
    • Michael Baker
  • Interactive Direction
    • Pierre Thirion
  • Set Design
    • Rebecca Taylor
    • Sophie Julien
  • Voice
    • Michael Baker
    • Victor Andres Trelles Turgeon
  • Original Soundtrack
    • David Drury
  • Recording
    • David Drury
    • Bruno Pucella
    • Michael Baker
  • Creative Advising
    • Gillian Ferrabee
    • Erik Iversen
    • Gabriel Luciani
  • Script Advising
    • Emilie Grenier
    • Anne Ouellette
  • Powered with the help of
    • Processing

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