Daily tous les jours

Daily tous les jours creates collective experiences for public spaces. Since 2010, the art and design studio based in Montreal invites humans to play a critical role in the transformation of their environment.

Why we do what we do

From climate action to protecting our democracies, collaboration is more than ever pivotal to living together. We work everyday to enrich the social fabric through collective experiences.

  • Routines to Rituals
  • Orchestral Manoeuvres
  • New Gatherings
  • Wild Things
  • Walk Walk Dance
  • Collective Storytelling
  • Sensing
  • People Need People

Our Work

Our work combines digital art, performance, storytelling and placemaking. We create permanent, temporary and touring installations for various contexts. 

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Hello Trees, Houston, USA.

Daily in Your City

To host a project in your city, commission a new installation, or talk to someone.

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The Musical Swings on tour in West Palm Beach. Photo by Cushy Creative


Research, workshops, public consultations, concept, prototyping, design, production, installation. Designing a process is basically designing a project.

How we do what we do

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