Daily tous les jours leads an emergent field of practice combining interactive art, urban design, storytelling and placemaking to reinvent living together in the 21st century.

The Montreal-based art and design studio has signed original turn-key projects in more than 40 cities around the world that create context for vibrant social connections, building more resilient cities.

Daily’s work invites humans to play a critical role in the transformation of their environment, building more resilient cities. They created the world-acclaimed Musical Swings, a large-scale urban artwork that invites passersby to make music together, with their entire body.

Recent projects include Musical Shadows in Dubai UAE, an interactive pavement that reacts to people’s shadows with singing voices; Hello Trees in Houston TX, an interactive promenade for humans to converse with trees, and the meditative experience I Heard There Was a Secret Chord currently touring the US and Europe.

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“When transforming everyday habits in the city into collective experiences, we not only bring value to a neighborhood, but we are addressing important urban issues, such as solitude or mobility. Our work intends to revive connections between communities and their city.”

— Mouna Andraos & Melissa Mongiat, co-founders of Daily tous les jours

Why we do what we do

Awards and Recognitions

UNESCO Creative Cities Design Award for Young Talents | IxDA Interaction Awards (Best in Show, Best Engagement, Best Optimizing) | Knight Cities Challenge Award for Civic Innovation | Fast Company Innovation by Design Award | Americans for the Arts Public Art Network Award | Core77 Design Awards and Honoree | Design Vanguard Covid-19 Directory | Oprah’s OWN | FRAME Magazine | Dezeen | Creators Project | DesignBoom | This is Colossal | Vimeo Staff Pick | New Cities Summit | Design World Summit | SXSW | EYEO | TEDx | Ars Electronica

Methodology – or the exciting and complicated life of a project

Research, workshops, public consultations, concept, prototyping, design, production, installation. Designing a process is basically designing a project.

1. Research, workshops and public consultations

To understand a space and its realities, each project starts with an extensive research phase. We study the landscape lines, look for hidden paths, search for urban legends, and consider the poetry in a problem. We work closely with the local population through workshops and public consultations. This allows us to develop a relevant concept for a specific context.

2. Prototype often and early

We build prototypes everyday. To fight the fear of the blank page, to explore ideas and designs, to test our projects with people, and through weather and other environmental challenges. Models, cardboard machines, and technology on a 1:1 scale allow us to evaluate their interactivity.

3. Invisible in-house tech

We believe that magic can only happen through the illusion that technology isn’t there. But it is, invisible, hidden within the installation to better serve the interaction. All technological production is done in-house, to better control the product quality.

4. A great great team

We work with multiple collaborators from various fields of expertise, including architects, chefs, choreographers, engineers, scientists, historians and more. Local partners are also involved in project deployment to guarantee proper integration to the space.

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