Duetti: Musical Furniture

5Vie District, Fuorisalone, Milan

Encouraging impromptu compositions, Duetti features two interactive urban archetypes: a bench that rocks and plays choral music, and a bollard that transforms the act of walking into dancing. Activated by the public as they move, synchronized motions create harmonies, inspiring collaboration. Presented at Milano’s Fuorisalone, as part of 5Vie Network’s Unlimited Design Orchestra.

Can interactive urban furniture help us live with our anxious times? 

Together, the two objects play contemplative, choral music. The sung melodies emerge from the lines being played, direction of movements, and rhythms of concerted actions. The piece creates a calming responsive, generative atmosphere that encourages sustained exploration and interaction between visitors. Duetti’s multi-sensory approach brings social and therapeutic insights into public space design.


The Bench:

When people sit, rock or spin, music and light animations are triggered through motion detection, merging analog and digital movements. Part of the Daily tous les jours’ Daydreamer series, the bench’s rocking motions are known to induce a state of daydreaming, reducing stress and anxiety.

The Bollard:

The second part of Duetti is a bollard encircled by line insets on the ground. Touching the lines—whether with a foot or a wheel—triggers its own set of voice harmonies. With increasing movement and simultaneous exploration, compositions emerge. From our Musical Lines series.


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This project has been made possible by the Government of Canada.

  • Creative Direction
    • Mouna Andraos
    • Melissa Mongiat
  • Design Team
    • Michael Carosello
    • Ajmir Kandola
    • Rebecca Taylor
    • Anne Ouellette
    • Eva Schindling
    • Florence Peters
    • Michael Baker
  • Sound Direction
    • Michael Baker
  • Technological Direction
    • Eva Schindling
    • Renaud Vincent
  • Design Collaborator
    • SSSVLL
  • Industrial Design
    • Générique Design
  • Production
    • Stu Wershof
  • Technical Direction
    • Mathieu Frenette
  • Assembly
    • Manuel Acevedo Cervantes
  • Engineering
    • Concept Paradesign
  • Fabrication
    • Atelier Mesure
    • Atelier Papineau
    • Scène éthique
    • Atelier Double Effet
    • Mathieu Frenette
  • Logistics
    • CVG Consulting
  • Images
    • Vladimir Antaki
  • Communications
    • Lili Shawwah
  • A special thank you to…
    • All our logistic helpers ☺️
  • A big thank you to…
    • Everyone at 5Vie Network: Ernesta, Emanuele, Elisabeta, Carlota, Mateo and Mateo, along with Anna Carnick, Chris Fusaro, Matei and Another View Projects for a special night in Milan.

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