Play Provocations

28 February 2021

What play can do for a city, by Daily tous les jours and The Bentway

Last year  we worked with The Bentway in Toronto to take a deep dive into their summer season, where we presented Walk Walk Dance alongside 15 other works from local and international artists, including Assemble (UK), Esmaa Mahamoud (CA), Pierre Poussin (CA), The Street Society (FR), Stuart Semple (UK), Thomas Mailaender (FR) et Erik Kessels (NED) to name a few.

The result is Play Provocations, a compilation of insights on what Play can do for a city. We looked at how to expand the definition of play, both who it is for and what it can do. Whether you’re a friend of public space, a city planner, architect, artist, or scholar, this is for you.

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