The Joy Experiments

29 November 2021

By Scott Higgins and Paul Kalbfleisch, feat. interview with Daily tous les jours

City builders and thinkers Scott Higgins, President of HIP Developments Inc. and Paul Kalbfleisch, artist and creative entrepreneur, interviewed our co-founders Mouna Andraos and Melissa Mongiat for their book The Joy Experiments, while they were working on two major installations for HIP Developments’ Gaslight District.

‘The Joy Experiments suggests we think of cites first and foremost as the habitat of the human spirit – that source of inclusion, resilience and so much of what society is in dire need of today. The book makes the case for prioritizing Infrastructure for The Human Spirit; the things that turn densely populated urban spaces into joyful and creatively collaborative environments in which tolerance and invention rule the day. »

NB: see below an illustration of our artwork River Lines for the Gaslight District

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