REopening of a city

28 November 2021

33 voices on how to shape a new urban life within empty spaces, by Jenny Grettve (feat. Daily tous les jours)

Can a city be generous? What is a caring city? Are kids being given enough power?

This book by Jenny Grettve is a series of interviews with international actors in diverse fields of urban development, including Mouna Andraos and Melissa Mongiat from Daily tous les jours, Indy Johar from Dark Matter Labs, Nina Rappaport from the Vertical Urban Factory from Yale University, Ben Fee from OMG Cameras everywhere, Leilani Farha from The Shift, Ron Finley from Ron Finley Projects, Rhea Martin from Open City.

‘We live in cities with inhumane voids. Spaces that used to inhabit vivid life now stand in gloomy silence. Empty retail stores, dark corners and offices that were left to their fate–they all demand a change in how we use and live in urban areas.

So what is needed for creating a more desirable city? The co-created book REopening of a city doesn’t have the answers, and it is not going to give you a detailed recipe of correct urban planning. It is rather an insert to stimulate and encourage further dialogue when we consider and design the future. 

REopening of a city is a fluid and heartening compilation of what a city could provide and what extraordinary shapes it might take.’

Thank you Jenny Grettve for stimulating and encouraging such important dialogues on what is needed for creating more desirable cities.

Available here


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