Cimbalom Circle listed in the top 10 Public Space artwork in 2022 by AZURE Magazine

We are thrilled to announce that Cimbalom Circle has been selected by AZURE Magazine as one of the Top 10 Public Space Artworks for 2022!

The Musical Pavement Series are designed to be permanently installed in urban architecture, encouraging new ways of gathering and creating opportunities for a wide audience to make music together.

In addition to the AZURE Magazine award, Cimbalom Circle has also been honored by Core77 by winning the 2022 Interactive Design Award. This is a testament to the innovative and interactive design of the artwork.

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Preview from the article

Embedded into the concrete tiles are 36 interactive units, each including a sensor and a responsive light ring. Tapped upon – with a foot, a hand, a wheel or what have you – these units fill the air with sounds corresponding to various instruments: the cimbalom itself in the central circle of interactive tiles, as well as a guitar, a kalimba, a vibraphone, a bass, a harp and a piano. Tapping multiple sensors allows people to play arpeggios, compose numerous melodies, the experience of the installation changing with every visit. Enhancing the sense of play, the integrated LEDs allow for patterns of light to be conjured simultaneously.

Daily tous les jours has been imagining convivial scenarios like these in public spaces around the world since 2010. They’ve placed their Musical Swings in nine cities since the first ones went up in Montreal’s entertainment district in 2011; their Walk Walk Dance brought a massive simulacrum of a piano to the Bentway in Toronto last year, just as the pandemic was at its height and people were craving a sense of release; and the city of South Bend, Indiana, just inaugurated their Daydreamer series of sonorous benches. Their works are constant reminders that play isn’t just for kids – it’s for everyone – and that our shared spaces should encourage it.

Link for Azure article

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