“I Heard There Was a Secret Chord” finds new home in Chicago

8 April 2021
Daily is very pleased to join Chicago’s WNDR Museum this spring.

The WNDR Museum has acquired our multisensory installation I Heard There Was a Secret Chord, a piece paying tribute to Leonard Cohen. WNDR Museum is a gallery with immersive art and technology experiences, featuring works by Yayoi Kusama, Barbara Kruger, and Keith Haring.

At any given moment, hundreds of people are listening to Cohen’s Hallelujah at the same time. This artwork creates a metaphysical connection between them through a sensory experience, in an attempt to demystify this universal hymn. The installation is an octagonal room with suspended microphones. Inside, participants hum the song, transforming their voices into vibrations through the floor that intensify as more people join in.

Can’t get to Chicago? The original 2017 exhibition, Leonard Cohen: A Crack in Everything, is now available virtually all across Canada thanks to the Musée d’art contemporain de Montréal. Hum in harmony with all the people listening at the same time as you. How many of you are there?

Experience I Heard There Was a Secret Chord and explore the whole exhibition here

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