Laval, CA

An interactive projection for all to take part in a collective performance exercise.

Compose uses a step-on-a-dot interface to invite the public to make music and dance together. The giant musical instrument brings people of all ages, amateur players or seasoned musicians, to collaborate in developing a unique, ever evolving performance where moving through space creates melodies.

Somewhere between Twister and Tron, players interact inside a kaleidoscopic chessboard and move from one luminous circle to another as they play sounds, creating a constantly evolving musical score in real time. The more people play together, the more sounds are layered, enriching the musical experience, encouraging further collaboration between participants.


The playfield is made of 37 dots labeled with distinct graphics associated with different musical partitions. The instruction is simple: step on a dot to play its sound. Different dots are available to play at different times, encouraging different types of movement and exploration across the space. 

The interactive musical score features three acts, taking participants through different landscapes and soundscapes, from intriguing, suspenseful to calming.

Music is also created so that no matter when and what is triggered, it always sounds harmonic.


A project by Daily tous les jours

    This project was made possible thanks to the financial participation of SODEC.

    • Creative Direction
      • Mouna Andraos
      • Melissa Mongiat
    • Interactive Sound Composition
      • Kelly Nunes
    • Interaction Design
      • Pierre Thirion
      • Zoe Roux
    • Programming
      • Renaud Vincent
    • Mixing and Mastering
      • Cristobal Urbina
    • Environment Design
      • Michael Carosello
    • Graphics and Animations
      • Leon Lo
      • Arthur Cloche
    • Technical Direction
      • Manuel Acevedo Civantos
    • Development
      • Leyla Nahas
    • Production
      • Stu Wershof
    • Projection Equipment
      • Creative Nation
    • Photography
      • Olivier Blouin
      • Yako
    • Video editing
      • Yako
    • A big thank you to…
      • Cadillac Fairview and the Carrefour Laval team, and the rest of the Daily team.

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