Machine à Turlute

Musée de la Gaspésie, Gaspé, CA

In the late 20s, Marie Travers also known as La Bolduc was the first woman who sang to Quebec’s working class in their distinctive language. Nicknamed the “Queen of canadian folk singers”, she made a name for herself touring the country with her “turlute”. The Machine à turlute (Turlute Machine) is a musical caravan allowing people to learn how to sing in this traditional genre, and to compose unique musical pieces together.

Tam Ta Piou Tam Pidou

Similar to irish lilting, turlute uses voices as musical instruments: turelurelu and turelututu for flutes; lire lire liliron for bagpipes; ran tan plan fere fere tan for drum, and tarira rira for trumpets. Onto the Machine: a series of colored discs allows you to play the turlute sounds. By changing how fast you make them spin, you can experiment with the phrases and compose your own turlute.

Contemporary Turlute

The Machine allows the public to rediscover part of Quebec’s cultural heritage, interpreted by the contemporary artists Ariane Moffatt, Chloé Sainte-Marie, Radio Radio, Krista Muir and Les Abdigradationnistes, Random Recipe, Le Husky, Socalled and We Are Wolves.

The Bolduc’s Children

The Machine was created in 2011 for The Bolduc’s Children, a web documentary produced by Lusio Film. The project was created to commemorate the 70th anniversary of the singer’s passing. Since then, the project has travelled all over the province, broadcasting her music just like she used to do.  


    • This project was created for the musical web documentary Les enfants de La Bolduc, in collaboration with Lusio Films
    • A Project by Daily tous les jours
  • Creative Direction
    • Mouna Andraos
    • Melissa Mongiat
  • Executive Production
    • Nicolas Fonseca
  • Technological Direction
    • Eva Schindling
  • Conception
    • Amélie Bilodeau
    • Émilie Grenier
    • Yolène Le Roux
  • Interaction Design
    • Émilie Grenier
  • Industrial Design
    • Dikini
  • Musical Direction
    • David Drury
  • Featured artists
    • Ariane Moffatt
    • Random Recipe
    • Krista Muir et Les Abdigradationnistes
    • Socalled
    • Chloé Sainte-Marie
    • Radio Radio
    • Le Husky
    • We Are Wolves
  • Sound Engineering
    • Bruno Pulcella
  • Computer Engineering
    • Jan Anlauff
    • Peter Rockwell
  • Fabrication
    • Lasco Concept
    • Robocut
  • Filming
    • Philippe Tremblay-Berberi
    • Geoffrey Boulangé
  • Editing
    • Geoffrey Boulangé
  • Production
    • Marie-Dominique Michaud - Lusio Films
  • Original Concept
    • Émilie Grenier
    • Jean-Christophe Yacono (yako)
  • Creative Direction
    • yako
  • Powered with the help of
    • MaxMSP
    • Arduino

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