Clothesline and Bicycle

7 Doigts, Montréal, CA

The 7 Fingers, a major figure in Montreal’s circus and performing arts scene, entrusted Daily with imagining a new permanent artwork for the roof of their new headquarters. Inspired by the group’s contemporary approach, Clothesline and Bicycle repurposes everyday objects to perform a mechanical circus act, backdropped by the city skyline.

On a Tightrope

The art piece works with the mechanisms and pieces of a deconstructed bicycle: pedals transformed into a crank make a wheel waltz on a tightrope. It spins through a bigger one, like a flying diabolo, an acrobat, or a lion jumping into a flaming ring.

Photo by Geoffrey Boulangé

On a Roof

This permanent installation is located on the rooftop of the 7 Fingers circus company headquarters and visible from the street. Designed like a true circus number, it showcases both the architecture and the singular work of the 7 Fingers.

Photo by Geoffrey Boulangé


    • This project is a commission by The 7 Fingers
    • A Project by Daily tous les jours
  • Creative Direction
    • Mouna Andraos

    • Melissa Mongiat
  • Production
    • Irene Chaudouet
  • Creative Team
    • Michael Baker
    • Anne Ouellette
    • Eva Schindling
    • Rebecca Taylor
    • Pierre Thirion
  • Project Coordination
    • Marie-Pier Gauthier-Manes
    • Sophie Julien
  • Engineering
    • Franz Knoll
  • Technical Conception and Fabrication
    • Infravert
  • Manufacturing
    • Thierry Beaudoin
    • Michael Carbonneau
    • Maxime Dagenais
    • Paul Duchaine
    • Georges Makris
    • Étienne Ménard
    • Pierre Moise
    • Bartosz Pelechacz
    • Wayne Robichaud
  • Thank you
    • Hailey Turcato

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