Daily tous les jours is a design studio with a focus on participation – empowering people to have a place in the stories that are told around them. We create collective experiences.

Upcoming Events

Spontaneous Interventions

2012 Venice Biennale Tour
Power Cart by Mouna Andraos
May 24 - Sept 28,
Governors Island, NY Harbor

A Better World by Design

Brown University and RISD
Talk to be announced
September 20, Providence, RI

Design Week Portland

Talk to be announced
October 4-11, Portland, OR

KIKK International Digital Festival

Talk to be announced
November 7-9, Namur, BE

How do you R+D+Play?

25 July 2014, by Eva

Soon the stars will all magically align and everyone here at Daily TLJ will be “out of production” at the same time. This is an anomaly, because usually production phases (…)


Counting Swing Cycles

17 July 2014, by Eva

A curious thing about the physics of a swing is that the amount of time it takes to swing a full cycle is independent of your mass or of how (…)