Daily tous les jours is an interaction design studio with a focus on participation – empowering people to have a place in the stories that are told around them.

Upcoming Events


Excellence Award

Where Montreal Began is in the spotlight Montreal, CA Oct., 2018  

People, places and stories

Public workshop to talk about Mill Ridge Park! Nashville, US Oct. 10, 2018  

Sidewalk Toronto

Welcome to 307 — new exhibition and experimental workspace design Toronto, CA June 17, 2018  

Madame Bolduc on tour

Our Machine à Turlute travels to Gaspésie Gaspé, CA May 31

From Ottawa with Love

by Pierre

McLarena just came back from Ottawa after a few weeks, and the public’s feedback is making us think about how we measure the impact of our work. Could the number (…)

The art of walking in cities

by cecile

Us humans, we walk. That’s how it is. In cities, walking might be a trivial action, but is also an opportunity to deconstruct the way we move, rethink the relationship (…)