Daily tous les jours is an interaction design studio with a focus on participation – empowering people to have a place in the stories that are told around them. We create collective experiences.

The Ups And Downs Of Building Giant Hammocks

The ups and downs of making giant hammocks

30 October 2014, by Pierre

This summer, we were proud to assist the town of Lac-Mégantic (QC) in the process of reinventing itself. The town sadly gained notoriety in 2013, when a freight train derailment (…)


Building an Amateur Intelligence

14 October 2014, by Eva

There is an emotional layer to every building. Human stories make buildings more than just assembled hard materials. Imagine you could give a building an anthropomorphic voice – a voice (…)


Living with our times: About disciplines

3 October 2014, by Melissa

We have been giving many talks and workshops lately, and exchanging with wonderful people from all fronts of the creative field: designers, artists, urban developers, engineers, curators, policy makers… We (…)