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Design Milk : Stop + Play With the Daydreamer Kinetic Musical Bench

We’re never too old to take a few minutes to stop and play, which is what Daily tous les jours reminds us of with each of its projects. Daydreamer is a kinetic sculpture that brings together music and light to create a collective experience at Plaza Park in South Bend, Indiana. The gently rotating public benches are illuminated and accompanied by pleasant music as they turn with the user.

Cimbalom Circle dans le top10 de AZURE Magazine

Leurs œuvres nous rappellent constamment que le jeu n’est pas réservé aux enfants, mais qu’il est accessible à tous, et que nos espaces communs devraient l’encourager.

CTV News : Magical musical swings come to Uptown Waterloo

MONOCLE : Spin city

As the mercury dips across the northern hemisphere, a hush typically descends on cities as residents spend more time indoors. But a new project by Montréal-based art and design studio Daily Tous les Jours aims to give residents in South Bend, Indiana, a reason to stay on its snowy streets. In Plaza Park on the city’s riverfront, it has installed a new set of public benches called Daydreamer.

WALLPAPER* Magazine : Daily tous les jours’ singing benches bring play to public spaces in Indiana

Canadian collective Daily tous les jours imagines a world where public play is commonplace with Daydreamer, a set of spinning benches that provides a space to connect

Cadre Bâti : Moments étranges entre étrangers avec Melissa Mongiat

« La voie explorée par Melissa est celle de la musique et de la danse, avec tout le pouvoir de transformation qui découle de la création (ensemble) de musique et de l’expérience du corps dans l’espace. Tout cela s’incarne dans divers dispositifs et installations, certes ludiques, mais qui favorisent l’écoute, la collaboration et la connexion avec les autres. La somme de ces petits moments d’échange anodins contribue, selon Melissa, à une plus grande cohésion sociale ».

ArtDesk Magazine : French Immersion on the Front Range

“Considering technology as a vehicle for social change is an important part of our approach,” Andraos says. “[Mongiat] was looking at participation in public spaces, and I wanted to see how technology could be used in a way to connect people.”

Interview with Mouna Andraos and Melissa Mongiat, REOpening of a CIty

The book by Jenny Grettve is a series of interviews with 33 international actors in diverse fields of urban development, notably Indy Johar from Dark Matter Labs, Nina Rappaport from the Vertical Urban Factory from Yale University, Ben Fee from OMG Cameras everywhere… on How To Shape a New Urban Life.


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