Village, Montréal, CA

During the summer of 2012, a portion of Montreal’s St-Catherine street became pedestrian-only for a few months and the renowned Pink Balls of landscape architect Claude Cormier + Associates soared overhead. To celebrate this event, Memorama provided the public with a series of observation platforms that made accessible unique viewpoints of the life of The Gay Village and provided an opportunity to be photographed in this exceptional setting.

Photo by Pierre Belanger

40 000 Pictures of a Summer

Four platforms with cameras installed on the street allowed passers-by to take pictures from new angles and capture magical moments. Over the course  of the event, more than 40,000 pictures were taken, showcasing the energy and the faces of The Village neighbourhood. All the photographs were publicly available on the website, which allowed anybody to send a virtual postcard to their loved ones.

A New Look at the City

Each observation platform revealed a distinct view of the city. Some took the shape of stairs, from which one could admire the garlands or the busy pedestrian street, others were at ground level, to admire the sky and the canopy.



    • This project was realized in collaboration with the Société de développement commercial du Village
    • A project by Daily tous les jours
  • Creative Direction
    • Mouna Andraos
    • Melissa Mongiat
    • Kelsey Snook
  • Production
    • Antoine Clayette
  • Design
    • Alexandre Landry
    • Yasaman Sheri
  • Production Coordination
    • Carolyne Vachon
  • Technical Coordination
    • Tara DeSimone
  • Programming
    • Wes Hatch
  • Construction
    • Michael Baker
    • Mourad Bennacer
    • Thibault Bensa
    • Ariane Bergeron
    • Caroline Bergeron
    • Jean-Baptiste Bouillant
    • Julien Bourgeois
    • Jacqueline Bui
    • Gennaro De Pasquale
    • Élise Genvrin
    • David Lortie
  • Electronics
    • Philippe Savard
  • Network Consulting
    • Jean-François Fréchette
  • Photography Consulting
    • Martin Laporte, Miguel Legault
  • Grip
    • Alain Desmarchais
  • Engineering
    • Concept Paradesign
  • Construction
    • Le Consortium Jack World
    • ACMÉ Atelier de décors
    • Robocut
  • Rigging
    • Production des grands bamboo
    • Raphaël Brien Inc.
  • Photography
    • Pierre Bélanger
  • Thank you
    • Denis Blanchette, Bernard Plante, Denis Brossard, Amélie Rocheleau and the Société de développement commercial du Village

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