A Day in the Life

A miniature future city

In 2018, Daily contributed to the creation of 307, Sidewalk Toronto’s workspace for the urban planning of Quayside, a new neighborhood in Toronto. In 2019, the result of their 18 months of research and public consultations was published in “Toronto Tomorrow”, a 2000-page book. To make this document more accessible to the public, Daily created a large-scale model showcasing some of the major innovations they presented, through the metaphor of a Day in the Life in the city of the future.

Permanent Exhibition Since 2019
Toronto, Canada

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The Project

18 screens integrated in the structure present urban technologies in a futuristic city, in the context of people using them.

Animations depict innovations such as rain water collection, its treatment, waste management, energy solutions, etc. 

© Photo by David Pike

The Model

The structure, entirely built with wood, echoes one of Sidewalk Toronto’s propositions on promoting buildings made with a wooden frame. 

More than 300 tiny human figurines live throughout all the model, illustrating all the various lifestyles possible in this future city.

© Photo by David Pike


    • This project was commissioned by Alphabet’s Sidewalk Labs, in collaboration with Waterfront Toronto.
  • A Project By Daily tous les jours
  • Creative Direction
    • Mouna Andraos

    • Melissa Mongiat
  • Interactive
    • Kelly Nunes
    • Pierre Thirion
  • In collaboration with
    • Nicolas Fonseca
    • Sandra Volny
  • Technical direction
    • Eva Schindling
  • Artistic direction
    • Studio Pilote
  • Production
    • Anthony Galati
  • Illustration, graphic design, animation
    • susy.technology
  • Industrial design
    • Dina Khalil
    • Michael Carosello
  • Content coordination
    • Laurence Ouellette
  • Technical design
    • XYZ
  • Project coordination
    • Anastasia Starova
  • Fabrication
    • Double Effet
    • Atelier B
    • CS Vinyls
    • Kristoffer Karjama
  • Thank you
    • Our intern Laura Faria

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