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Press Review

Narrative Environments and Experience Design

Daily tous les jours work on the principle that public space installations need to be part of people’s everyday lives and habits. When working in public spaces (…)

Space as a Medium of Communication, wrote by Tricia Austin, Director of the MA in Narrative Environments at Central Saint Martins, University of the Arts London, UK.

Somerset House Podcast : Artificial Birdsong and a Virtual Choir | 24/7

The 24/7 podcast invites artists to explore the non-stop nature of modern life.

Refresh, reflect, reset… Artist Alexandra Daisy Ginsberg invites you to sit and listen to the dawn chorus, questioning how the city may sound without birds. Through the power of humming Melissa Mongiat, co-founder of Daily tous les jours, highlights a metaphysical connection through music.

The Art In Democracy : Public Art as Mediator

Collective Memories, Improbable Cities by Christian Svanes Kolding.

Mouna Andraos is co-founder of the art and interaction design studio Daily Tous Les Jours, who create playful and sophisticated large-scale public art that, among other things, strives to use their work as a platform for keeping democracy alive in the public space while also offering alternatives to the prevailing narrative that public art contributes to gentrification and cultural colonization of underserved neighborhoods.

Creative Applications : Playin’ the Pavement

“It helps us reach as wide an audience as possible. As an interface, it allows for immediate feedback, regardless of the time of day and speaks less to our cognitive brain and more to our emotions.”

Choreographies for Humans & Stars, Bright 2

Bright 2 is a vibrant selection of architectural illumination and light installation projects that are setting trends in the creative use of light from all over the world. Daily tous les jours is among the creative studios featured in this book.

Oprah Winfrey, SuperSoul Sunday: Why Perfect Strangers Are Making Beautiful Music in Montreal

“A living work of art”

A new take on a favorite childhood pastime is allowing even complete strangers to make beautiful music together in downtown Montreal.

Frame Magazine: Everyday Highjackers

« We are seeking new ways to engage people and to get them out of their comfort zone. We hope our work sparks their imagination and gives them ideas about what you can do in the city and with the city »

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