The Pearl Divers Wins a 2021 Interaction Award!

5 February 2021
As part of the Musical Shadows series, this Dubai based interactive pavement gives life to treasured Emirati traditions.

Our project The Pearl Divers won Best in Category for Optimizing at this year’s Interaction Awards. The Optimizing category this year focused not just on projects that made life more efficient but did so with hopefulness for a brighter future. Thank you to all members of the jury!

This year’s ceremony was available globally via free live stream. Mouna Andraos, our co-founder, presented the Engaging award. Daily previously won this category in 2013, along with Best in Show, for our project 21 Swings. This year’s winner is Sniffing out the Differences, a series of olfactory and multi-sensory interactive installations dealing with extremely critical cultural issues such as identity formation and xenophobia.

Part of the Musical Shadows series, The Pearl Divers is an interactive pavement of light-sensor and audio tiles that can be arranged in multiple configurations. The shadows of passers-by spark bayati and hijaz melodies paying homage to the local tradition of pearl diving. New opportunities are created in public space for spontaneous connections, dancing, and more.

The live stream is available to watch on the Interaction Awards YouTube channel

Watch here

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