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Future of Shared Experiences: Choreographies

Excerpt from “Better Together: Reflections for Pandemic Times”

Daily tous les jours has been reading, observing, listening, interviewing peers from around the world on what to make of collective experiences and public space in pandemic times. It’s a long document and we are sharing bits and pieces here.

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Sidewalk slalom, crossing to the quieter side of the street, standing on the X until the person ahead of you is done, there is a new choreography emerging.

There is renewed awareness of our own bodies, of each other’s presence, and of the spaces between. How do we use that awareness to  transform the “negative” space between us into something positive?

As we redraw circulations and reconsider our asphalt real estate, opportunities arise for new narrative paths, exciting detours and updates to shared streets etiquette.

“Social distancing isn’t just about honoring space; it’s also about celebrating it. […] If this pandemic is teaching us anything, it is that we need to return to our bodies […]. The pandemic has created something fascinating: a new way of moving, a new way of dancing in the streets […]. Your partner is a stranger; the stage is the sidewalk.”

— Gia Kourlas, NY Times, How We Use Our Bodies to Navigate a Pandemic

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