Fall Refresh

by Mouna

We’re finally launching a proper online space for Daily tous les jours.

We’ll be working on this live in the next few weeks, so this is Beta style.

Narrative in practice

by Melissa

I just got back from London where I was with Kelsey Snook to present our work and the behind the scenes thinking that drives our projects.

Our presentation was part of the Narrative in Practice : Design Symposium – a day of presentations and discussion on the role narrative plays in our everyday practice, how we use it as a tool in our work, and the impact of stories on the experiences we create.

The talk was also a chance to revist some of our Good Participation principles.

Upcoming Events


Leonard Cohen, A Crack in Everything

Homage to Leonard Cohen at the Nikolaj Kunsthal.

I heard there was a Secret Chord

Homage to Leonard Cohen at the Contemporary Jewish Museum.
SAN FRANCISCO, US Sept 17th 2020

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