01SJ Biennale

par Mouna

I’m participating in the 2010 01SJ Biennale as part of  Eyebeam roadshow. Along with Jenny Broutin & Carmen Trudell from Fluxxlab, we’ll be offering workshops to teach people how to build their own Personal Power Plants.

The Personal PowerPlant is a portable device that harnesses electricity through a hand crank generator (with solar cell option) into a rechargeable battery for use in powering portable electronic devices through a USB terminal. The workshop introduced circuit basics and sustainable energy harvesting. Workshop participants assembled and took home their very own Personal PowerPlant. The first version of the kit (v1) can be seen on the Instructables website.

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Saint-Étienne Biennale

par Melissa

Melissa’s presenting work at the Saint-Étienne Biennale in France.

She’ll be speaking about mobility in the creative city and scenarios for alternative interactions in the public space, as part of the 23rd Entretiens Jacques-Cartier.

The conference also features Jaime Lerner, ex mayor of Curitiba, Brasil and president of the Jaime Lerner Institute, Mireille Apel-Muller from the Institut pour la Ville en Mouvement based in Paris, Hiroyuki Sasaki from Kobe University of Design, Peter Wouda from Volkswagen Design Centre, Berlin, Keisuke Kitagawa from Nagoya Technology Institute, Frédéric Bonnet from the Obras agency in Saint-Étienne, Liu Jie from Jiaotong University in Shanghai, Marcela Wainstein from Buenos Aires University, Kyung Ran Choi, director of Seoul’s Design Salon, and Laëtitia Wolff from Futureflair, New York, as moderator.

Événements à venir

MUTEK Montréal

Présentations + Panel: The Livable City.
MTL, CA 21 AOUT 2019, 9:30

Leonard Cohen: A Crack in Everything

L'installation "I heard there was a Secret Chord" au Jewish Museum.
NYC, US jusqu'au 8 SEPT 2019

Sidewalk Summer Open House

Maquette 307 Quayside / installation multimédia

Les 7 Doigts

Venez voir notre nouvelle installation dans le centre de création des 7 doigts dans le Quartier des spectacles.
MTL, CA ÉTÉ 2019

Oklahoma City Community Foundation

Hello Oklahoma! Faites partie de l'orchestre urbain des balançoires musicales pour le 50ème anniversaire de l'OCCF!
OKC, US 19 SEPT 2019

I heard there was a Secret Chord

Installation artistique en hommage à Leonard Cohen au Kunstforeningen et au Nikolaj Kunsthal.

I heard there was a Secret Chord

Homage à Leonard Cohen au Contemporary Jewish Museum.
SAN FRANCISCO, US 17 Sept 2020

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