Building an Amateur Intelligence

par Eva

There is an emotional layer to every building. Human stories make buildings more than just assembled hard materials. Imagine you could give a building an anthropomorphic voice – a voice that is sometimes grumpy, sometimes bored, sometimes giddy, to tell its story. The voice would moderate and comment on all the little daily occurrences and events that happened inside the building. Instead of just being an inner monologue, the building would actually talk to its audience over its radio show.

After falling in love with this idea, we set out to create an “Artificial Intelligence Radio”. We wanted to build a likeable smart agent – embodied by a charismatic radio show host voice – that could see, hear, sense its environment and take action by way of a spoken language based on internal reasoning, knowledge, and memories. We also wanted the public to take part in forming the building’s personality and intelligence. That combined with our dilettante approach to A.I., we rechristened the project to “Amateur Intelligence Radio”. Luckily, the acronym “AIR“ stayed the same.

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