We pause now to think about the future: What it takes to change, Dtlj at Ars Electronica

par Melissa

Just got back from Linz.

The Future Innovators Summit gathers people from all over the world in order to collaborate and exchange ideas over 2 very full days. The exploratory theme this year at Ars Electronica was: What it takes to change.

Dtlj was joined by Nova Jiang, Anshul Tewari, and Reyes Tatsuru Shiroku. Respectively, we come from Canada, New Zealand, India, and Japan. Together we combined our affection for robots, social start-ups, placemaking and interactive arts. The summit started with a broad discussion prompted by topics such as nuclear power, the USA, the grid, conflict, sex, handwriting, and golf. We landed on the idea of empowerment through productive conflicts.

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