The Swings are on tour!

par Antoine

The first public launch of The Swings: An Exercise in Musical Cooperation installation is taking place at the Green Box Arts Festival in the beautiful Green Mountain Falls, Colorado. Locals and visitors will be able to swing in this new musical experience from June 23rd to July 13th 2014.

We’re booking new touring destinations around the world now. If you’re interested in finding out more and in hosting The Swings in your city for a special event, get in touch with Fady for full details.

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We are launching Thing-a-Day 2013

par Eva

February is around the corner again, which means we are gearing up to start another edition of Thing-a-Day. This will be year seven!

What is Thing-a-Day you ask? Thing-a-Day is an open space that enables people to get together virtually and participate in a creative sprint to make one new thing a day – during the month of February – and post it to a collective blog space. The goal is to make creativity a daily ritual and to help create a digital community of like minded and supporting people. You can read up more on the projects background story here.

If this sounds enticing to you and you could use a creative push to get through the winter, head on over to the signup form and join the fun.

Happy creations, everyone!