How do you R+D+Play?

par Eva

Soon the stars will all magically align and everyone here at Daily TLJ will be “out of production” at the same time. This is an anomaly, because usually production phases of projects overlap endlessly so we never really get a breather. But after having installed, presented, and pushed-out about 7 works this year already, we are now moving towards conception and ideation on several upcoming projects. This also gives us the opportunity and freedom to rethink the way we work, play, and invent.

Just like anyone, we have utopian ideas floating around about going on company retreats to exotic locations, with no obligations other than brainstorming (no emails!), and creating together. We want to transform every other Friday into a play-day and hack on something just for the fun of it. We’d like to release well-designed step-by-step instructions on the workshops we complete, and publish the resulting useful parts of software on github. We even have dreams about minor goals, like posting a weekly in-depth review about our process. These ideas are always meant to be executed in the near future and somehow never actually are, because there are always more pressing issues at hand. Such is the studio life.

So instead of setting out to create new overly-idealistic goals, we thought we’d start with a little survey on how other companies in the creative industry do it. How do they research, play and open-source, while also battling deliverables and deadlines? Hereby we hope to collect advice and inspiration as to how to jumpstart and/or keep up these habits.

If you are part of the creative+commercial world, please contribute to the survey at R+D+Play at companies in the creative industry. Or if you are just curious, the results of the survey are public in these visual analytics.