Faily tous les jours on Amateur Intelligence Radio (AIR)

par Melissa

Lately I randomly found this footage while searching for other things. I quickly put together a short video as a present for Mouna. The note said: We are always working and this is what we look like #failytlj. It was meant as a nice gesture.

Whenever something goes wrong while making a project, the words Faily tous les jours come out. Pretty much all of us at the studio earned Failytlj trophies at some point.

The whole team ended up watching the clip, then friends and collaborators, and we thought we’d share it here as well… Not sure how to describe it, but it is part of the Daily tous les jours spirit.

Most Failies you can actually learn a lot from. This one, well, it may be considered if ever you want to self interview and self record yourself when overworked in the middle of the night. Or if ever you want to start your own company in a blurry field of practice and don’t believe it when others tell you to prepare yourself for quite a ride. One thing is for sure, you will not learn much about the project Amateur Intelligence Radio here.

A last note, to dearest curator Steve Dietz:
We do promise mind blowing professional documentation of our Amateur Intelligence Radio soon. Long live Northern!

Fortunately or unfortunately, there is more to come from Failytlj.