The Rewrite Spelling Wars

by Eva

This is the story of how the names Ryan, Steve, Daniel, Stuart, Frankie, Josh and Jake landed on our bad-word list.

Recent discussions about how to moderate submissions for an upcoming project (more about this soon) brought up fond memories of the swear word wars we participated in, during the public screening of our Rewrite the Year project, back in December 2011.

A quick recap: Rewrite the Year is a projection project and participatory website, that depicts a news headline for every day of the past year, and invites participants to rewrite those via text messages or the website. The key obviously was to have submissions show up instantly, to create opportunities for dynamic interactions between participating users. The problem was, that our most active audience was the youthful and adventurous group of teenagers using the skatepark located right next to the projection site at the Surrey Art Gallery in Vancouver.

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