Hacking a conference starts with small steps : Add a little Bling to your badges

by Pierre

C2-MTL is an annual global conference exploring the many links between commerce and creativity. During three days, from may 20th to May 23rd, people from diverse professional horizons gather to discuss how to better integrate creativity in their business process.

In 2011, we worked extensively with the core team at C2-MTL to create the core experience of an event designed to redefine the structure of a business conference. We came up with an overarching strategy that included 3 main components: the MAIN would include all of the official events etc. The OFF was comprised of smaller events and happenings organised by affiliates and collaborators. It was designed to encourage organic expansions of the event outside the official limits. The HACK would be a series of open ended interventions, giving the participants the tools to create the conference they wanted.

So, in the spirit of the HACK, we created, for the 2013 edition of C2-MTL, a little bit of bling for everyone’s badges.

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