Wes Hatch

Web Developer

Wes is a technical jack of all trades, having first begun his digital explorations through audio manipulation and Digital Signal Processing (DSP), which culminated in an M.A. in Music Technology at McGill University.

With 9 years of experience designing websites, crafting Javascript plugins and writing custom PHP code, he's since worked in a variety of locales, including Vancouver, Montreal, and Mozambique. His current interests revolve around pushing the envelope of a web browser's capabilities, and it's safe to say that he is fascinated with the possibilities of new and emerging kinds of interaction possible with a website, or just using the web for artistic endeavours.

Currently, Wes is busy exploring the marriage of his two passions: combining his earlier explorations in digital audio with dynamic audio generation in a web browser via the emerging WebAudio API.

He also has a motorbike and a cool black leather jacket.