David Drury

Sound Master

Born and raised in Montreal, David has been active in the fields of music and sound art since the late nineties and has created numerous sound environments for Daily tous les jours.

David has worked in many areas of electronic music and media arts, studied electroacoustic composition at Concordia and completed a Master's degree in Sonic Arts at SARC, Queens University, Belfast.

As a composer he has scored for dance (Andrew Turner, Milan Gervais, Kelly Keenan, among others), theatre (sound design for Wajdi Mouad, Emmanuel Sevigny), Multimedia (collaborations with the NFB, Mouna Andraos, Melissa Mongiat, Thibaut Duverneix, Jean-Christophe Yakono etc...) and has scored for television series aired on TV5 and TVA, as well as a series of Canadian short films.

His work as a Max/Msp programmer has been featured in projects with the above media artists as well as in collaborations with Chantal Dumas (Le Vivant Bruit du Corps, 2007) and the Irish artist Fergal McSwiggan. His own installation works have been featured at the International Computer Music Conference (Peacelines, 2008), Nuit Blanche and Mutek (Hearing There, 2009) and Son & Vision (Abri, Eastern Bloc, 2011) among others. In 2008 he was an invited speaker at the HP medialab conference in Bristol discussing his work with location-based sound art.

A large part of his work is informed by the practice and diffusion of field recordings, and by the possibilities and implications of creating work for mobile listening. He has made extensive recordings in areas as diverse as the Brazilian Amazon (the Mamori Sound project currated by Francisco Lopez, 2006) Argentinian Patagonia (Centro Del Arte residency, 2011) as well as several locations in Europe and North America. His web-based project collecting many of these sonic geographies - Earmaps.com - is set for launch in fall 2013.