Prepping songs for the Giant Sing Along

by Michael

One of our ongoing projects is the representation of a large-scale outdoor karaoke, Giant Sing Along.

Just launched once more at the Minnesota State Fair, we held an online poll in preparation asking the public what songs they would like to sing. Based on suggestions, we produced a number of new videos to add to the existing repertoire. There’s a lot of love in every single video we prepare. The more love, the better the seamless sing-along.

In creating our own videos, for a couple of weeks each summer, everybody at the studio has these great tunes running on loop through their heads. Sometimes leading to incessant humming. Sometimes driving co-workers bananas. Sometimes sung at 1/2 speed.

Here’s an audio snippet of what the song Call Me Maybe sounds like at ½ speed:


If you want to decide for yourself whether we got the timing right, you can head down to the 2014 Giant Sing Along at the Minnesota State Fair, held from August 21st to September 1st.

This years’ new additions are:

Happy, by Pharrell Williams
Let it Go, by Idina Menzel
All Night Long, by Lionel Richie
The Gambler, by Kenny Rogers
Say a Little Prayer, by Aretha Franklin