To community…and beyond!

by Pierre

Remember when we announced that we’ll be working for Montreal’s brand new Planetarium? Well, that’s in progress.

Because this project will be permanent and create a new landmark in the Hochelaga Maisonneuve neighborhood, we thought it was important to involve the local community in the process. That’s why we’ve been working on a creative collaboration with kids from the area to produce the visuals to be projected on the building.

This idea led us to design a few different workshops for  the Jean-Claude Malépart community center. Over two days, we invited about 70 kids aged 8 to 11 to collaborate, using various animation techniques, and share their vision of the universe.

Their creations will be the raw visual material for the animations of the interactive installation.

Here is a glimpse into the workshops and their results:

First workshop: Starry night
Creation of an animated starry sky by piercing tiny holes into black foam core sheets then backlighting them.





Workshop 2: Shooting stars

Collaborate to bring shooting stars to life in stop motion.




Workshop 3: Rings of light

Experiment with light painting and long exposure, to see what only the camera can see and create imaginary planets.



Workshop 4: Planet making

Paint a distant planet using acrylic and collage.



Workshop 5: Bursting sun

Imagine what the gigantic surface of the sun looks like by manipulating some liquids shot with a macro lens.





Workshop 6: Get some context

To help our young astronomers keep their heads in the stars, Montreal’s Planetarium also brought an inflatable portable version of the big one!


All these workshops were designed with the help of our rocket scientist and lead animator Patrick Péris.

And this successful mission wouldn’t have been possible without the help we received from the Jean-Claude Malépart’s staff, with a special mention to Caroline Houle.

The next big step will be the soft launch of the interactive installation, including testing and playing for anyone interested in getting a first preview this fall.

We’ll make sure to let you know when it will be in orbit. Stay tuned.