Ateliers d’animation au Planétarium

by Pierre

Le samedi 30 novembre, de 13 à 16h, venez participer à la création de l’installation interactive permanente qui ouvrira en janvier 2014 à l’extérieur du Planétarium de Montréal.

Expérimentez différentes techniques d’animation : donnez vie à des étoiles filantes, animez la surface du soleil et mettez en orbite des planètes lumineuses !

Les images feront partie de l’installation permanente “Chorégraphies pour les humains et les étoiles” qui sera accessible tous les soirs à partir de janvier 2014 au Planétarium.

Cet atelier, ouvert aux enfants de 8 à 12 ans, viendra compléter les images déjà créées lors d’ateliers précédents avec des enfants du quartier Hochelaga-Maisonneuve. En voici un aperçu :


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To community…and beyond!

by Pierre

Remember when we announced that we’ll be working for Montreal’s brand new Planetarium? Well, that’s in progress.

Because this project will be permanent and create a new landmark in the Hochelaga Maisonneuve neighborhood, we thought it was important to involve the local community in the process. That’s why we’ve been working on a creative collaboration with kids from the area to produce the visuals to be projected on the building.

This idea led us to design a few different workshops for  the Jean-Claude Malépart community center. Over two days, we invited about 70 kids aged 8 to 11 to collaborate, using various animation techniques, and share their vision of the universe.

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Hacking a conference starts with small steps : Add a little Bling to your badges

by Pierre

C2-MTL is an annual global conference exploring the many links between commerce and creativity. During three days, from may 20th to May 23rd, people from diverse professional horizons gather to discuss how to better integrate creativity in their business process.

In 2011, we worked extensively with the core team at C2-MTL to create the core experience of an event designed to redefine the structure of a business conference. We came up with an overarching strategy that included 3 main components: the MAIN would include all of the official events etc. The OFF was comprised of smaller events and happenings organised by affiliates and collaborators. It was designed to encourage organic expansions of the event outside the official limits. The HACK would be a series of open ended interventions, giving the participants the tools to create the conference they wanted.

So, in the spirit of the HACK, we created, for the 2013 edition of C2-MTL, a little bit of bling for everyone’s badges.

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The Rewrite Spelling Wars

by Eva

This is the story of how the names Ryan, Steve, Daniel, Stuart, Frankie, Josh and Jake landed on our bad-word list.

Recent discussions about how to moderate submissions for an upcoming project (more about this soon) brought up fond memories of the swear word wars we participated in, during the public screening of our Rewrite the Year project, back in December 2011.

A quick recap: Rewrite the Year is a projection project and participatory website, that depicts a news headline for every day of the past year, and invites participants to rewrite those via text messages or the website. The key obviously was to have submissions show up instantly, to create opportunities for dynamic interactions between participating users. The problem was, that our most active audience was the youthful and adventurous group of teenagers using the skatepark located right next to the projection site at the Surrey Art Gallery in Vancouver.

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Job Offer: Studio Director

by Melissa

Our atypical start-up withstanding modern times is looking for a bilingual studio manager.

Nous sommes à la recherche d’un directeur de studio talentueux, enthousiaste, ambitieux qui désire évoluer au sein d’une compagnie atypique en pleine croissance – un peu geek, un peu artiste – créative et cartésienne. La personne sera notre bras gauche et notre bras droit, et travaillera en étroite collaboration avec les directrices et l’équipe de comptabilité pour une période de pleine croissance.

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We’re open. It’s Portes Ouvertes time.

by Mouna

If in Montreal on Saturday, May 4th, drop by the office between 12PM and 5PM as we open our doors and welcome everyone into our world.

The afternoon will be filled with surprises and adventures including:
– Delightful servings of Mister Jaune‘s incredibly strange food and games
– Weird prototypes on display
– The first ever “If Yes Then What” programming workshop focused entirely on getting the love of your life to say “I do”
– Behind the scenes of live installations revealed
– Lots of sing alongs to the best tunes of all times
– Everyone making and sketching big interactive things using tiny littleBits

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DTLJ will be creating a public interactive piece for Montreal’s new Planetarium — hourra!

by Melissa

We are happy to announce that we will be working on a public interactive piece for Montreal’s new Planetarium. It’s an honour to be associated to such iconic institution, also part of beloved movement Space for Life, Espace pour la vie.

We will be making people dance and reconnect with the movements of the stars and planets above us, creating a choreography for this new public space.

On top of it, we’ll be working with Metalab from the SAT to develop the interactive system – the project will benefit from their expertise in advanced computer vision.

Also, we’ll be involving the community in the creation of the projected visuals. So if you feel interested in hosting, or participating in one of the workshops, please let us know. More details to come.

You may also want to read this nice article in La Presse newspaper (in French)